Beautiful/Decay Apparel Summer ’09 Release


Beautiful/Decay has collaborated with a fresh crop of explosive new talents from the art and design world to create this Summer ’09 season. As usual, the t-shirt graphics range from bold, iconic graphics to playfully eclectic….but all share B/D’s signature aesthetic of bright, creative imagery that pushes the envelope of t-shirt design. Some talents from our roster include Sakke Soini, Kittozutto, Christopher Gray, Dekore, Oliver Hibert, Clara Terne and beyond. Pick up the latest styles on our online shop!

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Explosion by Sakke Soini.

Finnish freelance illustrator Sakke Soini draws his main inspiration from the brightness of Japanese pop culture, science fiction movies, electronic music and past decades–especially the 80’s, the decade he grew up in.

Soini attended business school in Finland and in the Netherlands, but when he noticed that he was spending more time on the PowerPoint presentations, rather than the content of the presentations, he realized it was time to do something. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in international business in 2006, he decided to take some time to pursue a career in graphic design.

When not illustrating, making websites or marketing events he can be found either VJing or DJing in numerous events all around Southern Finland with his electronic alter ego Alienkiller. He is currently based in Helsinki.

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Casual Apple by Chris Gray. Click here to buy.

Sex by Chris Gray. Click here to buy.

After Graduating last year, Christopher Gray has gone on to work across Europe on numerous projects across video, graphics and illustration. This year he won the Freitag design-a-truck competition, beating 3,000 contenders from 72 countries. The competition was judged by the likes of Stefan Sagmeister and had 80,000 Don’t Panic! posters distributed internationally. Gray has also directed a short film for Umbro, commended at the ‘Best in Manchester Awards’ and illustrated this year’s Children in Need book. Additionally he capsized a room as part of The District Room Art project and has been written up as a Rising star by Design Week and idN.

In 2009 he will be having his first solo exhibition in Manchester as well as launching his new art label under the name ‘Toy,’ which will be a collective of 10 other like-minded artists working internationally on projects from exhibitions to global campaigns. (However, he did fail to get a job in a cheese factory one summer which he still begrudges bitterly.)

Goldfish by Jerico Santander.

Jerico Santander is a self-taught illustrator born in Canary Islands, Spain (1985). His passion for art started still being a child, drawing at school desk instead of paying attention to his teachers. Once he got his first computer, he started to mesh with Flash and Photoshop. He became web designer and made some sites for small local clients. Some day he found an ‘Infinity Digital Vision’ catalloge, there he meet the amazing work from Mike Young or Jens Karlsson and started to feel interested for digital illustration.

In the last years Jerico has been working as illustrator at some small agency in Madrid where he started to develop his skills. Right now he’s freelancing at home for some cool agencies like Brand New School or Buck. When there’s no client work to do or lazyness to create personal artwork, Jerico enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies and going out at night.

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Another World by Dekore.

Nicolas Tual aka Dekore graduated last year and is already on the starting blocks for fame and glory. After spending a few months in New York where he worked as a graphic designer, he is now back in his HQ in France where he tries to spread his illustrations all over the world. Dekore latest clients include Sony PSP, Wired, Nickelodeon, Kidrobot and many others…

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B/D Yoga by Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hibert is an American self-taught fine artist/illustrator/designer born in Seattle, Washington in 1983. Hibert’s bright palette and magical scenes create an escape from reality and the mundane, influenced heavily by the colors and imagery of the psychedelic 60’s era. Hibert’s iconic psych-like style transcends time as it nods to the past, while being so contemporized it speaks to the future, with visions full of alluring figures, super bright colors and plenty of exclamation marks. Hibert’s artworks can be recognized in many mediums such as paintings, sculpture, shoes, clothing, skateboards, magazines, and much more. Hibert’s art and design has caught the attention of numerous museums, galleries, and retail outlets around the globe, from L.A. to Hong Kong, and many places in between. Hibert has worked with clients such as MTV, Nike, Yellow Book and Diesel. Currently, Oliver Hibert works and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona on his desert farm of one thousand peacocks.

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Meltdown by James Callahan.

James Callahan, founder of Nowhere Skateboards, is a comic book artist, known for his detailed and bizarre illustration style. Otherwise known as Barf comics, the prolific Callahan has designed dozens of album covers , hundreds of comic pages, written the graphic novel “Rotting In Dirtville”, drawn skate decks, band shirts, as well as any other crap put in front of him. In the rare likelihood that you haven’t yet been exposed, and mentally mutated by his work, then prepare for the immanent penetration of your personal space by one of Callahan’s poetically putrid pieces of Barf.

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Chomp by Gunsho.

Artist Bio: Gunsho is an art moniker for James Quigley. Somewhere between nursing on goat’s milk as a baby and his teenage summers spent sifting through flea market arcana, James began to find fascination in the strange and magi- cal vastness of the marginal fringe. A regard for the toxic forces that transform humans into monsters shaped his early drawings and set him on a path into a surreal artistic thicket of beasts, demons, and mutants. He sees the scores of odd creatures he creates today not as being pulled from thin air or simple imagination, but from a continuum of mythology, or of ancient currents that have persisted into modernity. A reverence for unappreciated mediums of mass production and archaic sensibilities inform Gunsho’s work considerably. Regarded as a unique force in the realm of rock poster art, Gunsho has been established as a creative screen-printing innovator. Gunsho appears in the upcoming Ginko Press book Juxtapoz: Screenprinting, and has appeared in numerous other publications in the US and abroad.

In 2006, Gunsho began work on a modern interpretation of the 72 Demons within the classic occult text known as The Goetia. Each demon is the subject of a screen-printed art print. The series, entitled “Gunsho’s Demonology,” moves along while Gunsho continues to generate fine art and has lent his illustration skills to the likes of Heroin Skateboards, Lore Clothing, Sixpack France, Supersonic Festival UK, Kaiju Big Battel, Tokion magazine, COMPLEX magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, Dose Magazine, Heroin Skateboards, és Shoes, Guitar Hero II video game, and a multitude of record labels and bands including Lovepump United records, Corleone Records, Mad Decent, Parts Unknown records, AIDS Wolf, Diplo, Neptune, Landed, Genghis Tron, Kylesa, Horse the Band, and others.

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Diamond Skull by Pablo Alfieri.

Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer and illustrator born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2002, he started the career of Graphic design in U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires) when discovered his passion for design, illustration and typography.

Since 2006, he has been working in design studios like RDYA Design Group and Punga Visual Consorcio. In January of 2008, he created “Playful”, a showcase of his personal works, a free space where he plays and has fun with colors, typography and geometry shapes; the basis of his creative work.

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The Web by Kittozutto.

Kittozutto is an art and design boutique comprising of Yana & JUN. They combine fine art illustration with digital imaging, and the highly detailed results are often best seen in large formats. Women, fluids and nature inspire their hyper-realistic yet surreal illustrations. Before setting up Kittozutto, they have worked in the field for more than a decade collectively, and have done work for Adidas, American Express, BBC, Chanel, Coca Cola, Levi’s, Ministry of Sound, Motorola, Ogilvy & Mather, Pioneer and Yahoo. JUN also spearheads projects from his studio, UFHO.

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Dragon by Aya Kato.

With a visual aesthetic ranging from anime and manga, to the French art nouveau movement and traditional Japanese scroll art, Aya Kato transforms a common fairytale or love story into a passionate and vivid art piece. As a young, blossoming artist from Japan, Aya had her first cover feature in Beautiful/Decay, was commissioned to produce window displays for Chubu Electric Power Co., and was involved in the creative design of Tori Amos s music video; Sleeping with Butterflies. Aya believes, If you dream it, it will come.

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Throw Up by Skwak.

In his first magazine cover feature, Skwak gives us a glimpse into the secure realms of Skwakworld as it translates to the serious subject matter of reality. Skwak expresses his artistic thoughts and views on reality through his conjured up Koogai. Both in flat illustration and plush forms, the Koogai are the personification of disgust! By vomiting they symbolize the world that is now full of stupidity. They are polluted and polluting monsters. By feeding themselves with our pollution, they transform it, then vomit poison, which infects towns, seas and, mankind. The French artist declares, I only want to tell people [through] the Koogai that pollution, human stupidity, and the lack of tolerance is scaring me.”

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Lights Go Out by Clara Teme.

Clara Terne is a graphic designer and illustrator educated in London and is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has been acknowledged by leading international design magazines such as Creative Review, Étapes and *Wallpaper. Clara is inspired by everyday boredom, and how to escape it. She likes to investigate the everyday, taking small events and trying to see them from a different angle. She bases her work in equal amounts head and heart.

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