Chris Soria


This past Saturday was the opening of the India Street Mural Project in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I helped organize the project taking on duties such as running the blog, printing business cards, and flipping burgers. Best part of the gig was getting to witness six artists progress from painting a blank white wall into massive and beautifully crafted murals. Artist Chris Soria‘s contribution to the project is titled Antiquated Giant, which overlaps images of a local burned down building and the skeleton of an ancient sea turtle. The resulting image is surreal, its layered illusions rife with both jagged and organic movements.


I particularly love the dizzying effects of the image, where two globular forms studded with incongruent squares acts as a supportive shield to the outline of an animal’s ribcage, which is then shaded into the cityscape with the Greenpoint Terminal Market‘s iconic three story bridge at the heart, functioning as a connector and binder of the image. There are trippy zebra striped antlers on top, pipes turning corners in and out of the foreground, and a cascade of windows rushing towards us in single point perspective which looks out onto a bright sky. Despite these jarring aspects layered onto a single image, it is not overwhelming or confusing. There is a quietude resting between the layers and casts an awesome air that is still and monumental. I enjoy viewing works such as Soria’s mural where it can take hours to read and observe but only seconds to move.


Other works by Soria include photomontages using the sadly gone Greenpoint Terminal Market and other weathered industrial spaces as a point of inspiration. Rusty and decrepit, such bygone architectural monuments are combined with elements of time and accumulation to create layer intensive landscapes and timescapes. Using thousands of accumulated photographs of a single building, Soria combines time, season, and location within a single plane, juxtaposing winter and summer views of a single section and extracting history and experience from the subject to have it become a singular timeless, or timefull, isolated image.

Soria has also designed illustrative posters, logos, clothing, and music albums. You can check it all out on his website.

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