Matthew Palladino

Lesbian Jail Wedding

23 year old artist Matthew Palladino has been getting a good amount of press, from his show at Park Life to his interview on Fecal Face, and it’s really no surprise because his pieces are conceptually unique and universally beautiful. I’m intrigued by the subjects of his paintings and sometimes titles of his work, for instance, the painting above is titled “Lesbian Jail Wedding”.




Here are some of Palladino’s new works, check them out more here!



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  • Joe

    the Tiger is my fave

  • Big, big fan of this young man.

  • Josh Patel

    A great piece of art i must say.
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  • Matthew is one of the most talented young artist working today. He also drops some wackyness in the graff world, and is an awesome dude. [email protected]

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