Luke Ramsey


It’s been on the street and it’s been in shows all over – Luke Ramsey has taken his work from something rugged to something refined and maintained the exact same detailed aesthetic all through it. His illustrations really play on the versatility of the “line.” His limited use of color makes his drawings that much more intense to look at – like Meatwad, after the jump, which is primarily constructed of one kind of squiggly line. They’re funny, cynical, sometimes dark, but always captivating. – there’s something light and relatable about it.

Fuck The Economy

Fuck The Economy




Adult Swim hired me to draw my take on the Meatwad character from the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network. It’s for a 2009 calender that Ben Jones did the cover for.” – Ramsey

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  • Joe

    ahahha…. “Fuck the Economy” indeed. Very cool.

  • Lance

    fuck the economy looks totally like a Keith Haring hack….albeit a bad one. Fail.