Reid Peppard


Yes, that is a guinea pig comb/head piece. It was created by Reid Peppard, a British taxidermist. Her pieces take animals commonly perceived as vile pests and turns them into fashion items. Peppard says, “…when they become sculptural headpieces, necklaces and cuff-links, the specimens cease to be waste and become objects to behold. RP/ENCORE makes use of the city’s leftovers.” Would you be comfortable wearing this stuff?


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  • I’ve been looking for a rat clutch all year, how did you know?

  • Lola

    um, sorry but no.

  • luc appermont

    LIKE IT but….she should take better pictures of it

  • nezumi

    disgusting, stupid, tasteless.

  • JoJo

    I’m curious to know who’s buying this sort of thing.

  • Gertrude

    This does not please me. I used to have a guinea pig. Also, I find it hard to believe that these animals were victims of road kill seeing as how they’re in nearly perfect condition.

  • louis

    i am appalled at this
    this is disgusting and wrong.

  • Jemima

    omg Please tell me these animals weren’t killed to make ugly accessories.

  • Rachel

    What is wrong with this woman? That is so wrong!!! Who in their right mind would ever wear something like this? What kind of sick person would come up with this?! I’m severely disturbed… People are messed in the head!

  • Nikay

    and go figure, the chick who made this is a vegetarian. just a disgrace to vegetarians everywhere, hands down appauled.

  • not only are they bothersome as an idea, but they look poorly made, unattractive and boring. gertrude makes a good point about these accidental deaths leaving the animals in immaculate condition. suspicious.

  • my question is why no one has commented bout the misuse of the photoshop lense flare. I’m completely appalled by the treatment of filters in this “art”. But really I saw a a girl performing with her band that was wearing a real alligator head dress and I liked it. This, not so much but I just kinda prefer reptiles over rodents.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahaahah, i definitely didnt notice those stupid fake lense flares. like its being shot into direct sunlight, not down at a table.

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  • Mo Dizz

    I think that the rat clutch is brilliant. I, am who would buy it. Actually I was looking to buy one of Peppard’s pieces. If leather is ok, then so is the hilarious guinea pig hair comb and I LOVE the rat clutch.

  • pifcat

    Go ahead on girlie, however I won’t be the next in line to buy or wear. On the other hand animal skins, body parts, etc., have been used in fashion for years. i.e., Alligator shoes, belts, wallets, leather, wool, ivory, etc. Also people who like to hunt usually like to have the heads of things stuffed and mounted, which I find creepy. Just like the saying “Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one.” To each his own.

  • Mike

    These were living creatures and they do not deserve the humility of serving as mediums of your expression or profit. The fact that she didn’t kill them is irrelevant–she is making a parody of their forms without consent or dominion by using them as elements of design. It is an objectification to the absurd to assume that a complex creature has perpetual utility as a design object. Maybe her next project could use dead human fetuses, human parts residual from car accidents, or discarded mastectomy tissue?

  • Joe

    whats wrong with you people? its pigeons and rats!! the lowest class of animals, plus she doesnt kill them they are already dead. If anything shes just recycling. Go REID!!

  • Kim


    You are truly a bad, ignorant man. I adore pigeons and rats. Reid is not recycling anything. Are you kidding me. She is just a greedy woman, desperate for attention. I am sure you believe in a human class system too. I decided to make my own class system and you are at the bottom. What goes around comes around. I wish you a miserable life.

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  • There is evidently a lot for me to learn outside of my books. Thanks for the fantastic read,

  • Rpilbin

    I am sorry but , What has the world of art and fashion come to ..this is vile and disgusting attempt to be famous for shock value..

  • Fucking love it.

  • Eileen Campbell

    Inane and mundane – please, actually use your imagination to create something instead of taking something that already exists and making it into an accessory….SO VERY BORING ! – these bits of novelty tat will never see the light of day after a couple of outings and then they will be consigned to bottom of a trunk somewhere…once the novelty has worn off darling people are going to realise they are looking at a dead rat and it aint clever…

  • Lenore

    It is obvious that the specimens used were DOMESTICATED ANIMALS. There is simply no such thing as a white or hooded rat in the wild, and guinea pigs do not exist in the wild except in South America. So to the FUCKTARDS stating these are “pests” – they were PETS. So these pieces are pretty much equivalent to making accessories out of puppies and kittens. Lovely.
    (and to those who don’t feel that rodents are on par with other domesticated animals – you can throw your worthless life off a bridge. You’ll be doing the world a favor).

  • Eileen Campbell

    Round of applause Lenore, very well said.

  • Tea Party Princess

    OMFG how can u even look at this i have two rats and they r NOT GROSS how dare u even joke about this much less do it i knew people were mean but i never thought somebody would go this low to be gross…. im very angry with u all that would even think about buying this something that has breathed but now is dead because YOU WANT A PURSE OR NECKLESS!!! Think about it my rats are my life like Ur dog or cat is to u how u feel if someone turned Ur animal into a accessory

  • Tea Party Princess

    like im going to cry PLEASE TELL ME these animals weren’t killed to be this crap!

  • rachael

    TEA PARTY PRINCESS – if you take a moment to read properly, and research taxidermy, or even go to Reid’s website, you will see they werent killed for this, they dies of natural causes.

  • Lauren Kane

    You all are ridiculous. I love her work. And next time you sink your teeth into your stupid hotdog, you’d better feel like the bad guy. These animals are found dead. Duh.


    This is so sick. She says *city’s leftovers* THOSE ARENT LEFTOVERS. THOSE ARE LIVES. Cease to be waste and become what? Ugly accessories? SICK! VILE! LETS TEAM UP AND MAKE HER AN ACCESSORY!!!
    @Lauren Kane I’m vegetarian, so I don’t eat hotdogs.


    Also, Rats (i used to have two) are highly intelligent. they are not just garbage, and Pigeons… Probably the smartest, most incredible birds I have ever met! I have six, and they are so loving. They have such strong family bonds, they stick together no matter what, they can do tricks, they comfort others when they feel sick, they mourn when other pigeons die, they mate for life, they mourn for a really long time when their mates die… AND in the history of the world, there has never been a pigeon who gave a disease to a human. All their diseases are strictly avian, and even thei temperature is too high to contract the avian flu. Pigeon control companies make up those lies so you want the innocent pigeons dead! Pigeons should not be degraded like this!