Rob Matthews

Rob Matthews is an east coast designer (I’ve noticed a lot of good work coming from Minneapolis!) with a penchant for the ironic. His “Wikipedia” project takes articles from Wiki’s Wikipedia’s featured articles. Other projects include: T-shirts and posters that wrap around your head to make you become his friend ‘Trevor Burks’ (who he misses), and turning drawings into photographs which is kind of like the opposite of what people are used to when they’re first practicing art.

Edit: Friend & video artist Party Food (Joe) has sent me a map to show me where MPLS is, thank you. If you are like me, geographically challenged, please refer to this image.

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  • Amir

    Conceptual yet clever…. Don’t find that everyday.

  • Upper Midwest…

    …is not East Coast. Or is that a joke? Anyway, YES, very cool to see this kind of work coming out of my hometown. Currently doin’ it up in Oakland, but always keep Mpls under my thumb.

  • heyy.
    this guy was in the year below me at Brighton university and he’s from the uk, not that it really matters,
    but ye! nice work.

    jim O’Raw

  • Fei


    Haha, you’re right. That was definitely a folly on my part and unfortunately not a joke… thank you for the clarification.

    JIM O’RAW,

    Oh man! Okay, I guess he’s neither from the Upper Midwest nor the East Coast…

  • partyfoooooood

    Waddup Rob