Erik A. Frandsen



Aros, 2000

Danish-born Erik A. Frandsen has studied ceramics, sculpture, and graphics in many locations including Greece, Italy, and France. But now Frandsen resides in his native country of Denmark, where he has created many installations that intertwine many different components. His work is known for being created in multiple layers. There is the layer that are appealing to the viewer at first and then repel the viewer after a second glance. The construction of his installations happen when he combines a drawing or a piece on canvas with lights, rubber tires, or boxes. And in one piece he even uses butter.




Lebensraum, 2003



Haut Und Blick

Haut Und Blick, 1992



Tunnel, 1991

Tunnel, 1991



CICT, 2005

CICT, 2005

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  • a steelflower never dies….

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