Jesse Reding Fleming | Methods of Invisibility: Shades of Gray (2001-2009)

Jesse Reding Fleming


The Company is pleased to announce the exhibition of “Jesse Reding Fleming’s Methods of Invisibility: Shades of Gray (2001-2009).” In addition to an installation in The Company’s main exhibition space, the video for this project (shot while driving from California to New York in 2001, edited in 2009) will make its world premiere in The Company’s video garage. Jesse states, “Eight years later, returning to California and for my first show in LA, it seemed to be a suitable time to reopen it for completion.”


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“In 2001, I bought an unmarked black and white police car, two gray uniforms of different shades, and a video camera that I mounted to the interior of the vehicle’s passenger window.  I was doing work I called “Neutral Art.”  It was an idea of bridging two opposites to create something in a neutral state.  I was preparing to cross the United States, and wanted to do so invisible.  It occurred to me I could create a conspicuous spectacle that no one could make exact sense of.  By exploiting the signifiers of authority, I became criminal and cop at once…As I drove behind people they would heed way, and as I passed I could feel them trying to read me.  Shielded by confusion and anonymity I moved forward without resistance, unknown until forgotten.”


Opening Reception: Saturday, June 27 from 6-8 PM

Jesse Reding Fleming

Methods of Invisibility: Shades of Gray (2001-2009)

June 27-July 25, 2009



946 Yale Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 221-7082
Summer hours: Thursday-Saturday, 12-6 PM

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