Victor Timofeev


Victor Timofeev literally fell into drawing a few years ago after a horrid skateboarding accident and began using art to pour out frustrations that were simmering inside. Since then he has developed an amazing vocabulary incorporating perspectival, architectural and geometric patterns that engulf a space with sharp precision and confounding visual illusions. Where his earlier work incorporated obsessive and repetitive text as the base for color and form, he now builds a platform where physical and architectural objects plunge into geometric abstraction and the two forces coerce into infinite and poetic narrative.


This Red/Black series is the best and strongest example of Victor’s oeuvre where two forms one solid, one a fuzz meet and for the next 46 drawings they converge and conversate until one becomes the other. Is it war? Love? Attraction or annihilation? It’s open to interpretation and we can take it as it may.



In a recent series, Victor uses the Rubik’s cube as a point of departure, dissecting, rearranging and compartmentalizing a signature brain teaser object. He uses it to unconventional means and incorporates its rich color field and appropriates modernist abstraction with the everyday. The resulting combination gives you a refreshing new perspective and understanding of personal memories and art history.




For one year the artist drew daily architectural studies from life, books, and memory and proceeded to deconstruct each building and its environment, skewing and exaggerating perspectives, ultimately tranforming and making each object his own. This sense of ownership releases a breathing energy through each corner, nook and cranny, stirring a strange empathy where only a deadened silence would exist.

Victor Timofeev was born in 1984, received his BFA at Hunter College and currently lives and works in Berlin. He is represented by Hannah Barry Gallery and Schmidt & Handrup.

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