Cody Brant

Cody Brant collages

Flickr is a great home for internet rascals of the creative type. Cody Brant’s wonky but eye-catching collage art definitely fit the bill. The magic randomness of cutting and pasting then committing the arrangement to permanence with a glue stick!

Cody Brant collages
Cody Brant collages

Cody Brant collages

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  • Oooooh I love! I feel like a lot of artists appropriate vintage photography for its inherent irony & kitsch factor, kinda relying on the humor of the original photo itself without taking it further, but somehow this guy does it really well.

  • Cody Brant’s work is rad. I had a chance to attend his show at Floating World Comics a couple weeks back. Show was dope. You can check out a couple pics from it here:

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    Oh awesome! I didn’t know he did collab with E*Rock. Thanks for the link!

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