The Wayfarer’s Chapel

I will start this off by saying, I know it’s a bit cliche for a 25 year old woman to begin posting about wedding chapels on art blogs.  Regardless, I do have other things on the brain, like art!

Honestly, I feel like I never really appreciated the mighty, widely conferred “greatness” bestowed upon the behemoth architect Frank Lloyd Wright until seeing this 1948 Wayfarer’s Chapel. I know that’s like a musician “suddenly” getting the Beatles, but this is magestic and awe-inspiring! The setting itself looks like a wizard’s mighty abode; constructed entirely out of glass, towering redwoods act as the pilasters of the church itself. It’s like a living, breathing ancient relic from The Hobbit- can’t you just see the Elvin-Mortal weddings taking place here? Not to mention, it’s dedicated to Swedenborg,the mystic who wrote the canonical (later very influential on occultists, who blended the text with alchemy and divination) text “Heaven and Hell,” detailing all manner of demons and spirits that he purported to have witnessed himself. It’s quite a crystal ball, I feel the energy could channel some very supernatural thoughts indeed.





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  • Fei

    Hm, maybe this is cliche for a 23 year old to say that she doesn’t want to get married but…. if I ever change my mind, I guess I’d like to do it here. That circle thing behind the tree branches is awesome!

  • Nate

    I believe this chapel was designed by Lloyd Wright, not Frank Lloyd Wright. Lloyd Wright is Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, and this is perhaps his most famous composition.

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  • It’s a good idea, I consider it.

  • I know that’s like a musician “suddenly” getting the Beatles