B/D Book 1 – Sneak Peak (THE PROOF IS IN!)


The proof of the upcoming Book 1: Supernaturalism just came in the mail today! Though, mind you, it is but a mere semblance of its grand future manifestation(!) What you see before you is B/D, sort of at the hominid stage of evolution- breaking off from the flat computer screen and beginning to use tools to make small fires around the office. Wah wah. But while this little puppy is made of taped together color print outs (don’t mind my editorial post-it notes, either) and is without Kyle Thomas’ hand-drawn cover, it is to scale of what the future B/D self will look like. ┬áPlease note, if you will, the beautiful triumverate-ly mystical gatefold of all seeing eyes, the lack of advertising, the pages and pages of glossy art coverage….(more pictures after the jump.)

For those of you not hip to what us cool kids do in the “mag biz,” young padawan, we use this proof to double check the layout, page composition, coloring, etc in three-dimensional form before approving it. At any rate, hope you enjoy the peep show. Get excited for Book 1! What do you guys think?




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  • Amir

    She’s right… it’s looking amazing. make sure to subscribe or you’ll miss out. It weighs a ton!

  • jason

    looks sicks, stoked to have it be my first subscription. Big ups to ol’ David Jien and his work featured in the issue!

  • Woohoo! I didn’t know you subscribed jason, that’s awesome. It’s seriously looking rad. I forgot to mention too that the proof smells like new car.

  • Lorie

    Unbelievable! Can’t wait for the unveiling!

  • jeff

    Amazing work! Can’t wait for the issue to arrive!

  • What was the chosen theme?

  • Peter

    looks cool.
    …and what about the Undredog issue?

  • Lorie

    Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it in person.

  • Amir

    The theme for this issue was already selected and is “Supernaturalism”.

    The post we made about having everyone help pick a theme is actually for the second issue which comes out in November. We’ll reveal the theme for that one soon.

    Peter, the underdog issue wont come out until February 2010. That will be our third issue.

  • Jay

    Quite exciting!!

  • Cool. Issue three sounds amazing. I love the underdog idea, specially since that is what I consider myself to be as an artist right now. B/D is going to have a bright year.