Jeremy Bailey

For the next couple weeks, I will be posting up some of my favorite applications (as well as previous works) of the Rhizome Commissions (Rhizome at the New Museum, one of my favorite media art blogs), a program which provides grants to new media artists exhibiting a large amount of potential but maybe aren’t yet fully recognized in their field.

Jeremy Bailey’s proposal, DIALECTICAL SOFTWARE GUNDAM SUIT, “intends to create a new live performance involving a software “suit” that augments and extends both the creative and destructive abilities of the performer. The image of the suit will be superimposed in real-time over the artist during the performance. The work will be satirical, but will appear as a sincere attempt by the artist to create a more advanced human form.”

Some more of Jeremy’s work:

Your Ad Here
Live Performance or Single Channel Video, 2008, 1:00

“I sold ads online and mapped them to 3d shapes I mapped to my body in real-time. The resulting video was shown on Toronto subway screens from Sept 5-12. I’ve included this video as an example of the initial technical research I’ve already done to complete the work outlined in this proposal. The project I’d like to for Rhizome will be significantly more ambitious.”

Video Terraform Dance Party(excerpt)
Live Performance or Single Channel Video, 2008, 12:00 (original length)

“In Video Terraform Dance Party director Jeremy Bailey plays an enthusiastic nerd channeling Bob Ross as he dons a forehead-mounted VR controller to demonstrate new modeling software that will allow him to bop his head around and ‘plan the ideal landscape’.” – Marisa Olson

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