Tal R: “armes de chine”

Tal R

Victoria Miro Gallery will present the latest body of work by Danish artist Tal R. From 2005 to 2008, in his dynamic studio christened ‘Palace’, Tal R has extended his practice to integrate the fields of dance, film, theatre, cabaret, music and fashion. The works from armes de chine are deeply rooted in this period of intense experimentation.



Tal R, Ovaria


Described varyingly (and not exhaustively) as “owls, sad penises, eggs, elegant guard women with buns, lost scouts, wrong fruits, melted minimal ice cream, sad fruits, junk and bottles, tombstones, embarrassed old uncles”, the objects (sculptures, paintings, and works on paper) are installed as a field across the floor of the gallery space–with absolutely no work presented on the walls. Since there are no fixed hierarchies of medium or modes of looking, the effect is almost that of a group show. Tal R continues to investigate color, form, and meaning in armes de chine, as he constantly pushes concepts to deliriously unexpected realms. By transforming each work into a kind of “long lost slang” of its own, he hones the playful marriage of abstraction and representation into a new vocabulary for artistic production.

Tal R, Freda

Tal R, Clown
Tal R, Hyacint       

“armes de chine refers to a classic manual about weapons from ancient China. These objects, which once had a very specific and practical purpose, now several hundred years later seem completely abstract. Like a long lost slang…” Tal R

The exhibition runs from May 21st through July 25th. The Victoria Miro Gallery’s hours are as follows: Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm. For more information, please visit http://www.victoria-miro.com/. 

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