Big Day For Small Press wrap up!

I tried to post this a bit sooner but traveling kept me from fulfilling my blogging duties. Better late than never!


A Day For Small Press was a big success with hundreds of designers, artists, and USC college students coming out to support the various indie publishers. 



Our table was quite busy with people buying various back issues and signing up for subscriptions for issue:1.




Fei held down the fort while indie publication supporters eyeballed the goods. 



There was a wide array of publishers present selling magazines. Some of my favorite booths included the one pictured about selling old copies of Slash and No Mag. Other notable vendors included  ANP, Nucleus gallery, Skylight books, and Billy Shire Fine Arts. 




Reading the gospel…




We caught this guy walking around with the Black Magic shirt from a few seasons past. Still one of my favorite releases.




More converts reading the B/D gospel.


Thanks to everyone that came out and supported B/D as well as the other independent publishers. Without your support we would be stuck with warehouses full of magazines and books!

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  • milk

    uhg why did i go to coachella? this looks fantastic. i hope there’s a similar event like this sometime soon.