YouCube Demo Video from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo.

Friend and past-professor Aaron Meyers created this amazing project on his free-time. It allows you to map YouTube videos onto an interactive 3D cube and then save it to a database so you can show your friends. As you spin around a YouCube, the sounds of the different videos fade in and out. Its seriously amazing. My video is the last on the list but the first one to be created during the trial run… its called ‘Hamster Wheel’, so look for it! Aaron’s also worked on the awesome Radiohead video House of Cards. You can see more of his projects after the jump.

Spore Skeletons Augmented Reality Demo from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo.

[The project] uses the Spore API to display the skeletons of the 100 most popular creatures made by users of the video game Spore. In its “augmented reality” mode demonstrated here, you can use a printed marker to see the skeletons with you in your own webcam.

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