Jayson Mussons

How long has Barack Obama been in office? It may seem like years considering the fact that he may not have slept since his inauguration with all the progressive advances weve made; from international relations to stem cells to releasing our beloved hostages from our torture camps. Is it really that farfetched to associate our new president with the 2002 Flaming Lips Album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots? I dont think so. Jayson Mussons investigation of President Barack Obamas International status ranges from nieve exploration to something that Al Jolson might have drawn as a child. Nonetheless, 1st amendment bro: important.


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  • Sasha

    Hahahah, pretty dang funny. “Relax sisyphus, I’m doing this” is my fave. Leave it to Obama to complete an ancient mythological never completed task, ha!

  • Krystal

    I saw these in The Last Drop in Philly a while back during a break from class and couldn’t help but smile at all of these.

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