Juka Araikawa


I first met Juka Araikawa during my stint at UCLA as a teachers assistant for a drawing class. She was a quiet  girl who had moved across the world to LA to study art. Even though she didn’t say much her work always stood out as some of my favorite in the class.




This past weekend Juka took part in a two person show at Marc Selwyn Fine Arts, exhibiting five new gouache on canvas pieces.



Her work always had a ghostly and mysterious quality to it and I’m glad to see how her drawings have transformed into accomplished paintings that are both inventive in their paint handling and narrative imagery.





Congrats Juka!



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  • ****** N.I.C.E.

  • Awwww, Juka! So cute!
    Wow her work looks so dif from when we were in undergrad. Beautiful tho.

  • Auntie

    We all love just the way you are. God will always be at your side.
    Love you,

  • Jocelyn (Auntie’s friend)

    Congratulations! Creative, Gentle, Captivating! My favorite is your mom and auntie when they were young. 🙂

    Mrs. Kaneshiro