Charlie White


Charlie White’s work has always intrigued me. Since 1999 he has used a variety of methods to create eerie photographs that look like stills taken out of a horror movie.


This new body of work is a surprising departure from the previous work but still has the eerie feel that White’s work is known for. I couldn’t find much online about the series but the titles say a lot. The series is called ” Teen and Transgender Comparative Study.”






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  • Sasha

    Creepy! How were these made?

  • P

    Check out those youtube videos on his website’s page for this series. Strange…

  • Intern

    Charlie White is featured at the Hammer Museums “Nine Lives” Exhibition right now. Looks super good.

  • this is very interesting, his older work is a bit creepy, but original

  • milk

    I was told that the work is a comparative study of the two kinds of coming-of-age portrayed, into full womanhood. Quite wonderful.