Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown’s surreal domestic photography and art express the diversity and psychological mysteries of our living spaces. I’m also a sucker for night photography.



Screening 2004

Sarah Brown - Untitled 2005

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  • Fei

    These photos are kind of almost in the same storyline as the previous post. Like, if it were to happen in a movie, the housewives would be gathered first then put on ski masks and terrorize the city.

  • Amelia

    Phenominal. Looking forward to seeing more from Sarah.

  • Intern

    Why is that one twin always trippin about everything? Every picture she’s like “Wah! I dont wanna eat pasta” or “I cant believe she just said that”. Hey! Relax identical twin! Life’s too short! know what Im sayin?

  • SMC Alumni

    Sarah Brown’s photography is incredible. In a single photo she managed to capture life as it truly is… pretty… clumsy… mean… jaded…. arrogant… shy…. I really appreciate her attention to detail and her storytelling through her photos.

    Please post more!