Pseudo Nippon in Cosmic Evan


Video and performance artist Kevin Gaffney directed this trippy music video for a Japanese popstar figure Pseudo Nippon that is almost all equal parts Snoop Dog’s “Sexual Seduction”, Gunther’s “Ding Dong Song” and “Vermillion Pleasure Night” (sort of a Japanese version of MadTV or Saturday Night Live… but more fantastical). Feel free to Google any of these listed, you won’t be disappointed.


I think I heard Pseudo Nippon sing this chorus in his song: “If you want war, I’ll eat your family. If you want peace I’ll still eat your family”….ummm…epic!!


Pseudo Nippon is a man from Pala Pala world where music is of hi kick and utter super joy for enter ears. He make sound like cheap, so cheap that again joy enter ear, with little toy keyboard and little vibraphone but big big big beat like an electro gabba pop beef magnet attracted to positive ear receiver and stomach rumbler. He want to come from space and cosmic vibrato is the sending of brilliants outer limit, how many you ask? 100 hundred brilliants!!!! The sounds is new of comic, and the children dance under berry bushes listening a pseudo electro jazz solo. He, I, Pseudo Nippon is try energier, and harder and fasterer so the live show is explosion. “My head explode…so much fun” the fan say with sweat. Edamame Freakout is the first to hit planet Earth but by 2015 there be many more.

Pseudo Nippon MySpace page.

Just look at this mug. I love it.

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