Ben Vickers

Weird digital sculptures (?) and installation scenarios by Ben Vickers. His work is all a big inside joke, and while I don’t get it, I think that not getting it is actually getting it? Regardless, I am chuckling along mirthfully. This project is really interesting to me, it’s kind of like SAW….and hikikomori in Japan.

"apathy overwhelms me" May 2007

The tower runs 22ft floor to ceiling, access can be gained from the side facing the wall. Inside you are confronted with a 6x6ft room with a computer simulation of the space. In the real space the trapdoors on ceiling and floor are locked. Made for the exhibition ‘2’ at Brighton University.

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  • Amir

    I’m into weird digital collage. The first few are my favorite.

  • kak

    Ben is a genius!

  • MU Lauder

    I want to have a talk with Mr Vickers.