Beautiful/Decay & Insight Sample Sale Wrap Up!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Beautiful/Decay & Insight 51 sample sale on Friday and Saturday. Both days were filled with eager shoppers who were anxious to get  a good deal and hang with us for two sun drenched california days. Here are some highlights …



Everyone loves a good sample sale where one can find those rare one off samples that you can’t get in stores. Apparently Cousin It got wind of it and came through to find the perfect surfin safari outfit.






Some came to buy apparel…


While others spent some time catching up on the newest issue of B/D.


Vanessa, Zach, and Megan are all smiles as long as the coffee and bagels arrive on time. 


The Impromptu DJ booth complete with cardboard table.


Larry taking a beer brake and lounging.


Vanessa worked up a hunger after working all day.


A view from the dj booth.


Peter from Crap eyewear  shows off his shades, Insight shirt, and his lunch.


The grill master Lib gives us the thumbs up while he shows everyone his wiener. 


B/D intern and all around good guy Alex enjoys his hundredth beer and takes some shade from the sun with the Sparkly Insight visor of death. Don’t work too hard Alex.


He showed up to the sale with his teal green & black hat and found the Fletcher Hoodie to match.


Insight fans are so dedicated to their wardrobes that they get tattoos to match their shirts. Now that’s devotion.


Skaters are an interesting bunch. They were determined to session the ramp by any means neccessary…. even if it meant busting out the cardboard and packing tape to make it rideable.


The fun on the ramp only last for a few minutes as packing tape doesn’t stick to asphalt… go figure.


But soon a new sport was born to  indulge their shredding habits. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


By 2 pm on Saturday the sale turned into a full on BBQ with Burgers, hot dogs, and a full keg flowing.


If you didn’t pay up at the register you were greeted by the Insight security team. Trust me you don’t want to mess with these two guns of steel.


Justin, Jake, and Makaela teasing Jack (the dog) with hot wieners from the grill.


This is what happens if you work at a sample sale for 8 hours straight in the blazing sun.


The end of day  group shot with the Beautiful/Decay & Insight teams ready to pack it up and head home. See you next time!

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  • I only wish I lived on the same continent to be able to come to an even like this….. good work from Down Under.

  • Aw, next time you’re in our hood please come out! thanks for stopping by!