Mark McKeague – Twitter Radio

TwitterRadio from Mark McKeague on Vimeo.

I wish i had the knowledge to create something as beautiful as this. The project Mark created allows him to tune in to twitter posts in real-time using the analog radio. You can use the knob to scan “stations”, which are different twitter posts. Amazing, amazing, amazing.  He used an arduino board and lot of grey matter at SARc.


Also, here is an interesting programmatic response to Mark’s project which integrates twitter and youtube. TwiTV click on the top right black square to flip channels. Graphics are kinda shabby though.

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  • Fei

    Yeah this project is awesome. I find it hard to really actually “follow” anyone’s Twitter because a lot of the updates are mundane facts about someone’s daily food intake or whatever. But it seems like the updates would be even harder to understand/matter when was spoken to you..because we’re unaccustomed to receiving verbatim information..especially because the voice in this so monotone. That’s why I think it’s a great idea- introducing this new way of internet authorship.