Sharjah Biennial & Art Dubai: Day 7

While in Dubai & Sharjah I had the chance to see some amazing arabic and persian calligraphy. If you’ve ever been into typography or graffiti you will surely walk away from this region with a renewed appreciation for the amazing calligraphy you find around every corner.



Here is a small selection….




This is the logo for the resort Medinat Jumeirah where Art Dubai was being held. It kind of has a pixelated, retro video game feel but in arabic.




The above two images were part of an installations by a group of graphic designers at the Bastakiya Art Fair, a self proclaimed “fringe” fair that took place at the same time as Art Dubai. The fair itself was very bad and didn’t have much to offer but I liked the integration of western and eastern typography in this installation.



Some calligraphy found on a mosque…



A night time shot of Art Dubai during the VIP party.




I leave you with some  bad graffiti art found in one of the more working class neighborhoods of Dubai. Nothing makes me feel more at home than bad graffiti letters, cheesy early 90’s quotes like “Is art a crime” and “Urban Outlaws”, and excessive use of the word “Fuck” to express your teenage angst. Guess somethings don’t change no matter where you are.

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