Benjamin Phillips


Batman is pretty cool, but he does naughty stuff all the time.

Benjamin Phillip’s is an illustrator/poet/music man working out of Brighton, England. His work is a mixed bag of wizadry, sad children, wicked cool parties, and leaves.  His illustrations all have an underlined witty sense of humor that seems very unique and bizarre.


tight-panties   My Panties My panties have got too tight And I’m trying to have a fight with my bottom.   wolfparadecolour demon-scene man-with-the-eyes-of-a-pervert-poster dirty-doughnut1

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  • nice
    like the illustrative style

  • I really enjoy his unique illustrations. I almost spit out my coffee and that’s a really good sign. I can’t stop staring at those hairy legs.

  • Haha Michael I say! Spitting out coffee at hairy legs!

  • (but yes, that is my fave too.)

  • BDfan

    clever and amusing!