Sharjah Biennial: Day 3

Day 3 is here and I managed to snap a few photos of works in progress. 




Firoz Mahmud is showing an impressive installation featuring video, paintings, digital works, and sculpture. Firoz’s work explores social, political, and belief systems and their interaction with human society, both historically and in the present.





Doris Bittar busy installing.



Nida Sinnokrot’s massive bulldozer piece mid install.



Installation view of Robert Macpherson’s space.



NYC based painter Doug Hender’s military experience is the source of his cartographic painting style, which explores the ground between painting, photography, and information layered topographies.




One of my favorite pieces in the Biennial  is this portrait of Sheik Sultan by Turkish artsit Halil Altindere.  At first glance it looks like any other painting paying homage to a Sheikh but as you get closer….


You notice the safe (probably filled with millions) hidden behind the piece. Brilliant!




Detail of a wall of drawings by Haig Avizian.




Haig Avizian glowing among the chaos of installation.



And an arieal view of my piece in progress.  More to come…

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