Sharjah Biennial : Day 2

I finally arrived in Sharjah after a grueling 20 hour flight. After dropping my bags at the hotel I headed straight towards the hotel.  Sharjah & Dubai are filled with intriguing visual stimuli. Some of the most interesting images in Dubai are the posters, photos, and paintings of the various Sheikhs. My favorite of these signs is the massive ligh tbox depicting Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan on the famous Sheik Zayed Road.



 I’ve been to Dubai and Sharjah several times and have always loved these sun visors on the backs of cars. You’ll see them all over the place depicting the royal family behind a flapping U.A.E flag. I’m sure that we’ll be seeing images of Obama on the backs of car windows in no time.




the Sharjah Art museum.


I’m really into the poster for this years biennial. 



The museum sits one block away from the Persian Gulf. All along the boardwalk are old wooden boats that are over a hundred years old. They are painted with bright colors and a few even have decorative patterns. 



They carry all sorts of goods and products like flat screen t.v.’s, car tires, and computers. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition to see such old, worn out boats carrying high tech gadgets for wealthy techies.


With the Biennial only a few days away there are dozens of employees and artists running around frantically trying to wrap up loose ends and do final touches on the exhibit. Amongst all the commotion I noticed a massive (and extremely expensive) Andreas Gursky photograph tucked behind a desk in the Biennials office. Apparently its part of the permanent collection at the Sharjah Art Museum and was acquired at the last Biennial.

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