The astounding problem of Andrew Novick

Andrew Novick

“The Astounding Problem of Andrew Novick features the overwhelming and unusual collections of an eccentric individual who does not consider himself an artist. In total, Andrew Novick estimates he has over a hundred collections: Barbie dolls of every variety, Chihuahua figurines, clown paintings, anything related to teeth or braces. The truth is he has far more things than will or can ever be organized into a “collection.” Inside his home and in his rented storage space he has stacks, piles and boxes of answering machine cassette tapes full of incoming phone messages, more answering machine cassette tapes with recordings of recording almost every conversation he has ever had with a telemarketer, jars ripe with formaldehyde-free dead animals, uncommon foods and more.


Also check out this quicktime video tour of his collection, over 5,000 items.

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  • Fei

    I kind of wish the photography style was a little bit different though

  • kevin block

    In what way?? Just curious since it was probably shot before the show ever started.

  • beryl

    yaaay, the new stuffs awesome, yay for tags! p.s. just bought a copy of the newest issue, finally. yaaay.

  • Fei


    I think I would have liked it more if the photos didn’t look so digital & full of Photoshop filters. I’m just not a fan of that kind of photography.


    Thanks! We’ll let you know there’s another event next time, come out and visit us!

  • Sasha

    This is awesome, but it also makes me sort of sad, like all that clutter, collecting, time spent amassing stuff. I like that its all zany, but for me the darker side is it sort of reflects our totally out of hand consumer culture and (beady eyed greedy) tendencies.