Art Dubai/Sharjah Biennial: Day 1

I’m off today for a 10 day trip to the mid-east to take part in the Sharjah Biennial. I’ll be documenting my travels in hope of giving everyone a sneak peak into the Biennial as well as Art Dubai which takes place over the same weekend. 



With a 6 hour layover at London Heathrow, I decided to do a bit of digging for images or videos about the Biennial but so far the above video is the only thing that i’ve uncovered. It doesn’t say much of anything about the Biennial itself so it will have to do until I actually land in Dubai.


For now here is a few images of Dubai and Sharjah to set the mood.


Half of Dubai is a luxurious tropical resort with 7 star hotels and disney like settings.

The other half is filled with massive skyscrapers in varying states of completion. In this picture alone there are 7 massive building cranes. Imagine a highway that is 6 miles long with nothing but this image on both sides and you’ll get an idea of the sheer scale of construction taking place in Dubai. I took the above image last year. I’m curious to see how many of these buildings are still incomplete because of the global economic downturn.


The worlds tallest building (in progress). It’s absolutely massive!

This is a shot of the outside of the Sharjah Art Museum taken in September 08. There was a large fire just behind the building near
the ship yard.


A few blocks away from the museum is a large Bazaar filled with local goods and material. My favorite items were the ceramic pots with fluorescent drippy flowers painted on them. If they are still available i’ll be incorporating these into my installation for the Biennial.

On another note a few hours ago I was eating at a cafe in Heathrow and enjoying a delicious bottle of Diet Pepsi. As I put the bottle down I noticed the graphics on the bottle looked extremely familiar.


Upon further inspection I realized that the bottle was designed by  LA based artist Stella Lai whose work is featured both in Issue: Z of Beautiful/Decay and is also included in “Beautiful/Decay A To Z” at Kopeikin Gallery.  The bottle was part of a special series of artist collaborations with Pepsi. Stella hasn’t seen the project in person yet so she’ll be getting a nice travel present upon my return.

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  • Sasha

    So rad! Can’t wait to see images from the rest of the biennial-
    So we know you had Pepsi, but what’d you have for lunch, hmm?

  • if the follow up to this post had 1,000 pictures that would be more than ok with me.

  • Amir

    i’ll do my best Drew. Another post coming right up.

  • Sebi

    Hey nice, I am passing by the Biennial this weekend. I have been living here in Dubai for almost 1 year and I love it!
    Can’t wait to see the Biennial. I can say that even living here, there was not much publicity around the Biennial…sadly!

  • Amir

    We’ll be posting more images this week from both the Biennial and Art Dubai.