A Very Awesome Book



Dallas Clayton’s “An Awesome Book” is something I wish I had when I was a little girl. I probably would’ve died for the cluster of multicolored prismatic rocket powered unicorns. I would’ve dreamed of riding them into Candyland castle playgrounds filled with cabbage patch doll knights with Queen playin’ on My First Sony! Maybe I’ll have a kid so I can do that all over again. Anyways… his fanciful illustrations are playful and imaginative and can be enjoyed young and old, yesterday and tomorrow, ten years ago and one hundred from now…





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  • oddly, i went to the book release thing for this a few months ago. i felt bad because there were so many people there that, i think, came for the music and didnt care or realize how rad and unique this is. good to see its getting crazy mad net props.

  • Sasha

    Haha yeah I received a really sweet email from Dallas, and his work was surprisingly sweet as well! That’s cool you went to the release!

  • Benny

    This totally knocked my socks off. Excellent birthday/graduation/housewarming/bar mitzvah/any excuse gift for anyone and everyone. Great find!

  • Thanks Benny! I agree- It’s totally one of those all purpose young/old human/unicorn artist/designer whatever gift!