The Quiet World Of Song Myung-Jin

There is a erie stillness in the work of Korean artist Song Myung-Jin.


Plants and organisms sway from side to side as if  showing the after effects of a catastrophic occurrence.



In some of the work there are hints of small humans occupying the bizarre landscapes. Most of the time they are tiny, naked, and pale skinned figures that have just been dropped off in these alternate worlds. 


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  • Wow what a beautiful post! Obviously Im down with the Koreans.

  • Calum McKinney

    Thanks again Amir, another great post. You are absolutely right about the stillness. There is a quality to these that makes me want them to be scratch and sniff with minty piny scents

  • Amir

    Thanks Calum. You’re right…. they would make good scratch and sniff! Probably smell like grass.