Letha Wilson: Reclaim Drywall!



Fountain is a sculpture made by Letha Wilson using drywall and wood reclaimed from art gallery walls, and an artist’s studio walls. In this piece the form of a classical water fountain is invoked, typically present in a garden or entryway as a symbol of the utopian ideal. Walls and building materials previously used to house artworks, complete with paint stains and remnants of their past life, are re-newed into this functional water fountain. The drywall materials will gradually deteriorate away over the course of the exhibition as the paper and rock-based materials are worn down by constantly moving water. 






This piece, was installed at Socrates Sculpture park on October 25th,2008  as part of the exhibition Waste Not, Want Not, is a large-scale sculpture made entirely from reclaimed walls and building materials from art galleries. This multi-level planter housed trees, vines and flowers, as well as benches to provide a public seating area. The former gallery walls lose their pristine status as they are brought out into nature to be taken over by the plants and the natural elements. Building materials for this piece were donated from two New York art venues: plywood from the Dark Fair, presented by Milwaukee International and held at the Swiss Institute, and gallery walls from the Jasper Johns: Drawings 1997 – 2007 exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery.



The above photo was taken early July 2008. The wildflowers were in full bloom, they were originally planted as seeds May with the beginning of the piece. Also evident in this picture is the gradual deterioration of the drywall as the paint peels off.


Letha also does some interesting photo sculptures… a few samples below.



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