The Rainbow Monkeys!


Islands is a series of sculptures showing miniature snapshots of life. Isolated pieces of land, that look like they were wrenched from the earth by some force of nature, are floating through nowhere. All that is left is a random group of living beings who do their best to survive. For more sculptures, photo projects and installations visit The Rainbow Monkeys!

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Collaborative unit created by two photographers in Germany. 

Moment of truth (eminem), part 2

Moment of truth (eminem), part 2

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Mess Lab Interviews Amir Fallah



Mess Lab recently caught up with founder/Creative Director/main man Amir at Pool tradeshow. Watch Amir discuss the Beautiful/Decay brand, and give advice for anyone looking to get into the art/fashion/design fields!

Michael C. Hsiung

831_1235762554Being an only child I’ve always been jealous of talented siblings who can team up to take over the world. So it is with great saddness and extreme envy that I post the work of the talented Michael C. Hsiung, brother of Pearl C. Hsiung who graced the pages of  Issue: V with her brilliantly disgusting yet pretty paintings.

Please credit me as Richard III

830_1235761924I recently discovered “Richard III”‘s cooky portfolio. It’s replete with unknown highly layered symbolic structures and bizarre ideas. Geodesically interesting. This is a snippet of what the artist wrote in an email to us: “Expect 2000 and 1 thank you’s to be delivered in vapor form in a fortnight’s time… or perhaps you would prefer my Lord Humongous style leather riding vest for your commutes to and through the gauntlet that is Hell A.” Pretty great. Visit Richard III myspace site for more!

Rosalia Banet

Spanish artist Rosalia Banet shows us how to cook up healthy servings of mini-human full course meals. Her characters look so cute doing it too.