Briac Leprêtre makes this house fall apart…it’s like a life-size version of Jenga!

“La Chapelle des Calvairiennes, the field of sculpture that it will invest. A unique piece, which, as the exhibition title suggests, we will return to the job of carpenter. A full implementation of allusions, which will take an architectural form in which you will be prompted to enter and help both the framework that calls, but his work completely change the existing space. A glance over this formerly Bible Chapel resolutely shifted …”

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Beautiful/Decay Apparel Contest Winners!


Deni Dessastras Winning Design

Deni Dessastra's Winning Design

Our month long call for creatives to submit a t-shirt design to Beautiful/Decay Apparel has come to an end. While there were some great talents that submitted, we’re happy to announce that Deni Dessastra’s design, pictured above, caught our eye–no pun intended! Deni will be receiving a cash prize of $200 as well as have their winning design printed as an online exclusive Beautiful/Decay Apparel t-shirt. Second and third prize winners after the jump!

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Rerax, Nice Combo!

So I’m in this VJ group called Collabo (Nice Combo, because the combos are oh-so-nice) and we’re going to be doing visuals for the whole night at the RERAX event tomorrow. Come check it out. An asinine flyer, for your reference below.

Samuel François’s Simple Offerings

Samuel François’s site features a variety of art in various mediums. However my favorite part is his simple outdoor installs and alterations. Some of his alterations would stop you dead in your tracks while others will take years to discover.

Pae White’s Rover Momentum

Pae White often uses graphics and decals in her works and she has produced a series of graphic treatments, unique to each vehicle, entitled ‘Rover Momentum’, using an interpretation of the dusks and dawns of the countries represented at the Fair. Her designs create a striking and dynamic ‘vehicle’ for the Fair as the vehicles move across London during the days of the exhibition. 

Another Day At The Plant…

The life of a creative director never seems to end with countless hours spent waiting for sampling. Here is a visual diary via my Iphone.

First you have to burn endless amounts of screens for each color.

Jerry Kearns – New Work

Jerry Kearns’ new work meditates on the construction of images post-9/11. The stark blue sky found in all of the paintings sets the mood as surreal and stands in for the strange blue sky behind the Twin Towers after the attack. Kearns explores various ways of representing the present body by subverting notions of masculinity and strength with both feminine and androgynous signifiers.

Design for Mankind – New Mag

We here at B/D are always fans of independent publishing. Anyways, Erin from Design for Mankind has created a lovely creative inspired zine with a best of list for 2009 and a ton of artists. 

Visit her site to pick up a copy for yourself!

Design for Mankind