Rainbow Monkey Markus Hofko

645_1229712823I’ve seen so much of this guy’s stuff around I wasn’t sure what to post. Nonetheless, he has so much to choose from!
Markus Hofko, designer, musician and artist brings playful and colorful to a new level. Blogs have featured his paper project “Pie”. Here’s some images from “Cinematic Riddles” where Hofko says he tried “to visually translate famous movie titles. As literally as possible.” I had to feature this because its funny… You should comment on what you think the titles are, or I guess you could go to his site and see for yourself.

But in all seriousnessnessness, he has some tasteful design work indeed. Most recognizable are his campaigns for adidas/deisel. [He also seems to have some musical projects (one which has moog!)]

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