New work by Brian Willmont

Brian Willmont has some lovely new futuristic medieval paintings that detail fantastical conquests of ancient and not so ancient allegorical lands.

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Ordinary Show

A “kinetic diary” of fairly ordinary gifs, but gifs galore! (The last one is just for Sasha.)

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Mix Media

Rosemarie Fiore employs a wide array of techniques to create her paintings from large sprayed paintings using generators to fireworks and even a waffle Iron to create her abstractions.

Celebrity Draft

Mark Stockton’s commentary on celebrity culture.

Noriko Ambe’s Sublime Traces

I know I’ve seen the book on the left circulating on all sorts of blogs, I had been wondering who’s work it was. Now I share the wisdom.

Maya Lin’s Landscape/Art

According to Richard Andrews, Director of the Henry Art Gallery, her new work shows how Lin continues to explore landscape as both form and content.

La Planète Sauvage


First saw this being projected on the walls when So Many Wizards played at the Tangiers. Maybe it was something about the lighting and the music, or something, that left a big impression on me.