Patricia Piccinini

Patricia’s work in her own words:

“I am as interested in the emotional outcomes of such transformations as I am in the conceptual or ethical. Sometimes I worry that my work isn’t ‘cool’ enough;
it is warm, cute, emotive, melodramatic even…These drawings explore one of the central themes of my practice; our relationship with the things that we create, in this case my helper creatures. There is a combination of innocence, trust and vulnerability in the children that I find quite apposite as a way to express our relationship with much of the new technologies that now impact on our world and our bodies. I love the way that they seem to get on so well together, but it also worries me a little.”

Interesting to see she doesn’t consider her subject matters really in the realm of dark art (?)…I guess her critters are cute in a way, maybe I could grow to spoon with one of them.

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  • nicole

    im scared.

  • houchen is gay


  • houchen is gay


  • Aaron

    YUK! Lady, don’t worry about being cool, worry about being sane! Seek help……..quickly. I love art and think beautiful art is some of mankind’s most wonderful aspects, but this is neither beutiful nor art. It just makes me want to vomit. Disgusting, and I don’t mean in a moral sense, just DISGUSTING, period.

  • hellolol

    seriously, this is disturbing