Ryuta Amae Manipulated Paradise

An artist of his time, Ryuta Amae is a clever manipulator of images. Could his great, peaceful photography evoke – in the form of vast, luxurious residences or of a Family Robinson type house swamped by palm trees – Paradise, Eden conquered at last and peace for civilisation ? This image of rest is deceiving. For the images here are the result of sage elaborations, of digital crossbreeding and hybrids. From these creations of various all sorts, the reference is the occident’s imagination of happiness, one might as well call it the sublime by default, the coming constantly delayed, condemning us to contemplate beautiful, empty images. «I create a copy, an archetypical image,» the artist explains, «my photo is only a virtual memory.» A skilful way of uniting reality and the imaginary, giving them a connection and a tension, a reactivating of that problem which has always been attached to the image : illusion. -Paul Ardenne

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