Lily Morris

Lily Morris is an emerging artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Detailed and yet distorted, her paintings depict foggy but seemingly familiar scenes that require squinting eyes and conjure a feeling akin to driving somewhere remote in the pouring rain.  Her style fluctuates between washy layers of oil and solid photographic realism. Subjects and objects are caught exploding, describing the very instant an action occurs- the horrifying moment before perception intervenes and untangles what just happened. Morris’s paintings recount these inexplicable, fleeting moments of confusion and lay them out in raw and compelling fashion. 

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Melissa Murray

kanashibari Melissa Murray is an artist from Brooklyn, NY. The themes in her paintings revolve aroud “images from past experiences or dreams.” Much of her work includes the metaphorical use of animals, which symbolize “sincerity in life, a seemingly degenerative trait in our current human consciousness. These creatures represent purity, and personify my dreams and fears for our collective future.”

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Morgan Blair

sadpyramid Morgan Blair is an artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her paintings are a psychedelic mind trip with attitude. It’s an adventure just visiting her site. If you can get past the first page, it’s definitely worth checking out her other work!