Kyotaro Hakamata’s Colorfully Striped Sculptures

HakamataSculpture10 HakamataSculpture6 HakamataSculpture7

“In terms of the logical process involved in making sculpture, which gets its whole shape via the integration of parts, my work, in its piling up of variously colored acrylic boards and shaping them, is made via the orthodox method. However, the stripes of the surface created by such a process deform and delude viewers’ visions when they try to see the shape of the work. Probably no one can perceive the exact form of the sculpture. So here, you can see the contradictory relationship: the consequence of the basic process of making sculpture destroys the viewers’ visions.

In addition, each acrylic board is really well made. It can be likened to a ‘mass of color’ that might confuse the concepts of color and shape. The colors of these stripes on the surface are supported by a dense and solid materiality, in other words, by the very concept of the sculptural.” – Kyotaro Hakamata, from Volta NY

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