Documentary Watch: Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe CAlled Quest

If you’re like me, you grew up listenting to A Tribe Called Quest, and loved the shit out of them. Michael Rapaport’s documentary “BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE:┬áTHE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST” takes you back to that magical time in Hip-Hop when guys rapped about daisies, El Segundo and Seaman’s Furniture. It was a time when Hip-Hop was adventurous and Tribe Called Quest made it cool to march to the beat of your own drummer.

“BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE:┬áTHE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST” captures the nostalgia of a time before New York City had caught affluenza and was a hot bed for aspiring artists of all genres. The use of archival footage, vintage photos and clever animation rounded out this thoroughly entertaining journey through the history of one of Hip-Hop’s most seminal groups.

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