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Josh Atlas’ Donut and Frosting Sculptures And Drawings

I don’t know anyone who loves donuts quite as much as Josh Atlas and so it’s wonderful to see him utilizing his passion within the context and even materials of his fine art practice. He’s made sculptures incorporating real elements of frosting as well as encasing a donut within a picture frame surrounded by sprinkles. However, don’t panic, since he does it all in a way in which he’s able to preserve the materials so that they don’t disintegrate or attract fruit flies. After all, besides being one of my favorite artists working today, he’s also kind of a genius. I mean, he recently graduated with his bfa from Carnegie Melon University!!! But what I think draws me to his work most is that it’s all about what he calls “The Holy Trinity of Want” – food, love, and sex – and he showcases it all with a gigantic sense of elegant humor.

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John Squire on Cy Twombly

I’m really into these TATE Britain Artist “Shots” lately. All under 5 minutes or less, they’re succinct little vignettes that are informative, yet still short and sweet. Here’s a bite of John Squire, an amazing musician and artist (from my hometown in England of Manchester) who was in the Stone Roses talking about Cy Twombly.

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Gianmarco Magnani


Inspired by the futuristic animation of Katsuhiro Otomo‘s 1988 film, Akira, Gianmarco Magnani’s latest prints bring a third dimension to an otherwise flat medium. His two part series, “Silence Television”, draws from the linear style of traditional Japanese anime, and maintains a simliar graphic appeal. In his first set of four illustrations, entitled “Riders and Villains”, Magnani hoped to create a tension between good and bad in his riders. (As he pointed out, good without evil is just uninteresting). His second set, “The Forgotten Monarchy” marries a modern aesthetic with vestiges of the styles of 16th century European monarchies.

Sausage Party Facebook App

Sausage Party

New project Sausage Party by Aaron Meyers looks at your upcoming Facebook events and rigorously assesses their respective male attendance ratings on a 0 to 5 sausage scale. In my case “Ready For The House” (LA artist Ben Bigelow’s house warming) rates a whopping five on the Sausage scale (perfect Sausage score)! First I’ve seen since I’ve been on the site! This way you can gauge and plan your nightly social agenda accordingly. Thank you Aaron, for bringing us such an awesome way of connecting with Facebook and the sausage of the world.

Klaas Van der Linden

Klaas Van der Linden
Mysteriously dark images from Belgian artist Klaas Van der Linden. Almost all his paintings are set against a black background, and many are self-portraits. The obscured nature of this work reminds me a little bit of paintings by German artist Henning Kles.

The Post-Apocalyptic Weapons of Lucien Shapiro

Lucien Shapiro‘s sculptures are a bit frightening.  These baseball bats-turned-weapons seem to be pulled out of a post-apocalyptic neo-dark ages.  In fact, these sculptures are part of the larger Urban Obsessions series.  Like the title implies, the weapons suggest a sort of violent desperation, an urban restlessness taken to its hyperbolic end.  Also, the sculptures of Urban Obsessions are nearly ritualistic like implements of a a post-modern tribal religion.

Shapiro’s Bats will join the work of nine other artists in Group Show Vol. 3 at Denver’s Gildar Gallery.  The group exhibit opens Saturday January 12th and runs through February 1st.

What You See Is What You Get: Beer As Pantone

Txaber - design concept Txaber - design concept Txaber - design concept Txaber - design concept

Spanish graphic designer Txaber has come up with an ingenious idea. Now we can see what is on the inside – on the outside. He has teamed up the colors of different beer with various shades of Pantone. At this stage this snappy idea is only a design concept – Txaber has said no companies are interested in producing, “but hopefully they will see the light.” The simplicity of this packaging has struck a chord with many people, and is an expansion of a similar idea launched last year.

Called Beertone, two Swiss designers Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster created a color wheel also based on Pantone guides. They envisioned a beer lover to assemble this color wheel and choose their preferred brew from it. Every type of beer has it’s own swatch with all relevant information: brewery name, alcohol content, an image of the bottle and numerical values for its color in CMYK, RGB, and HTML. With over 202 colors (and separate beer types) Michelbach and Eugster no doubt would have been kept busy taste testing.

Whether it is a color wheel or a yet-to-be-realized design concept, the idea of marketing brewed beer based on slick packaging seems to a popular one. Txaber’s approach is an elegant, simple, understated one and shows the best side of the world’s third most popular drink. Ranging from Pale Ale to Imperial Stout, these designers have got the range covered. “Because beer comes in more colors than yellow or blurry.” (Via Lost At E Minor)