Artist Interview: Yigal Ozeri

New York based artist Yigal Ozeri will debut a stunning solo show at Mark Moore Gallery this Saturday, October 30. In his latest body of work, he captures rock royalty model/actress Lizzie Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall. Posing in lucious velvets amidst a hauntingly ethereal frozen landscape, Ozeri’s dramatic, rock ‘n’ roll, sumptuously gorgeous portraits call to mind the unparalleled beauty of Pre-Raphaelite painters. Injecting a much needed dose of beauty, depth and complexity to Photorealism, Yigal Ozeri’s works dance between liminal realms of reality and fantasy, imagination and truth, nature and transcendence.

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Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, an artist collective oozing in an overflow of psychedelic energy, has been making a name for themselves within the art scene since 2001. They have recently published a book that documents six years of their projects, which consists of a combination of multimedia installations and performance art.

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Interview with Delicious Storm

NYC based architect Si-Yeon Min, who received training from the University of Michigan and the prestigious GSAPP at Columbia University recently published an interesting limited edition book on creativity. Compiled from his work in a creative field, his book documents how off-the-wall thinking can lead to genuine discovery. The book strikes a chord with the print-lover in me, as each cover design features a different color. Just 25 copies published by Allied Operations.

Foxy Shazam!

Just bought my tickets to see Foxy Shazam Oct 28! The video above, “Unstoppable,” is a triumphant fist pumping sports-arena rocker a la “We Will Rock You” by Queen. I think these lyrics sum it up for me perfectly: “I don’t want my friends to think I’m so punk rock/ So punk rock’n’roll/ And all you hipsters say I’m gay/ Well I’m not gay at all!” Pop-glam rock ‘n’ roll translated through a half ridiculous, half sincere drunk, warbling Freddie Mercury with an Inigo Montoya-style ‘stache and Pippi Longstocking freckles? Yes!

The Once and Future Queens

Amir just brought back a beautiful brochure of Simone Lueck’s latest exhibition at Kopeikin Gallery, “The Once and Future Queens.” They’re stunning portraits of incredibly fabulous older ladies posing as some of their favorite Hollywood starlettes, as Mara, in her glamour bath after Brigitte Bardot above, demonstrates. (All subjects were found via an online ad soliciting older ladies to pose as movie stars.) The photos are dripping with fierce divas in chiffon, moss crepe, diamonds, pink satins, and honey, everything else I love! If you’re in LA, the exhibition is up just a few more days, until October 23.

Laura Taylor

Los Angeles’ Laura Taylor excels at taking beguiling photos that quietly demand your attention. Lending her talents to an exciting storytelling project called The Smartest Thing She’s Ever Said, Taylor’s mystique draws you in slowly but surely. You end up a little lost in her world, in the best of ways. Here, we talk to Laura about her approach to photography and end up with a craving for cake.

Book 4: Exquisite Corpse Release!


We are proud to present Beautiful/Decay Book 4: Exquisite Corpse! This book assembles a group of artists that twist and contort our understanding of the human body. Ranging from the macabre, grotesque, humorous, sculptural and the beautiful, each artist pushes classical figurative work into brand new forms.  We also invited 26 artists from around the world to play a virtual game of Exquisite Corpse.

If that’s not enough, each copy of the book comes with an original silkscreened artist print of interpreting the theme! To celebrate the release get 15% off Book 4 for one week. Use discount code: BDECAYBOOKCULT


And, while you’re stocking up on Cult of Decay reading material, be sure to check out our newly re-launched online shop. We’ve stocked up on over 20 B/D back issues. We’ve even made available a select number of previously sold out issues-so grab your copies while they last! Buy HERE.

Paola de Grenet’s “Albino Beauty”

Picture 8

I came across photographer Paola de Grenet’s photo series, “Albino Beauty,” today. Her figures are ethereally beautiful, almost sculptural.