Robert Melee

Robert Melee’s exploration of human behavior through his thick, paint encrusted sculptures exude an equally generous amount of drama, narrative, and a nostalgically disturbing interaction.

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Haroshi’s Abandoned Skateboards

Japanese artist, Haroshi, creates a striking and colorful portfolio of sculptures through the process of recycling old, and abandoned skateboards.

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Akira Beard’s Water Color Pop Icons

Akira Beard, a San Francisco based artist and teacher at the Academy of Art University, is well known for his engaging watercolor portraitures of pop culture icons. The messages that usually accompany these illustrations are often centered around the issues of cultural topics, such as, identity, society, and race.

B/D Posters: Six New Artist Prints!

Beautiful/Decay is proud to release 6 brand new prints from our poster series. You have to see these to believe the beautiful printing quality! Every poster is immaculately printed on super thick, heavy weight museum quality paper. The new prints, “Kersplat,” “Meltdown,” “Music in Your Head,” “Chomp,” “Body Parts,” and “Mushroom Cloud,” all feature an eclectic mix of bold graphics inspired by underground comics, skateboarding, and punk aesthetics. Stare at them for too long and your head might explode. Buy them now at the B/D shop!

Michael Hall

Michael Hall presents a series of paintings studying the various abandoned coastal defense structures scattered throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. These defense structures were used as outlook posts for possible attacks that never came. It is interesting to see these bunkers still standing on guard as the ground beneath them attacks, and erodes their surface. This show was on view at the Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco.

Thomas Struth

There is something very interesting going on in Thomas Struth’s approach to photography. It is incredibly clinical. So crisp and clean that the environment captured within his camera almost appears staged, and yet at the same time more realistic than in reality.

Adam Tullie

I am really enjoying Los Angeles-based artist Adam Tullie’s recent portfolio of drawings. He uses painstakingly intricate mark-making to create simple shapes, hinting at tribal masks. Adam Tullie recently featured his work in San Francisco, I may just have a friend of mine over there pick up a few of his show’s postcards for my wall.