Made With Color Presents: The Shaky Details Of Michael Alvarez

michael alvarez painting

michael alvarez painting

michael alvarez painting

This week we’re bringing you another talented artist as part of our partnership with premiere website builder Made With Color. Each Tuesday we bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who are using Made With Color to create clean and sleek web sites. Made With Color makes it easy to make a website; MWC websites aren’t just easy on the eyes but feature powerful yet simple backend which allows anyone to take web design into their own hands with just a few clicks. We’re excited to share with you the dense and detailed paintings of Los Angeles artist Michael Alvarez.

At first glance the art of Michael Alvarez may not appear to be specifically about Los Angeles but upon further inspection of each painting you’ll discover hints of the mixed and vibrant subcultures that can be found in the city of angeles. Images of festive parties in parks, graffiti writers wearing Dodger inspired t-shirts, Venice beach muscle heads, skid row heshers and hand painted signs that can be found in small mom and pop shops throughout Los Angeles are sprinkled throughout these narrative paintings. Mixing the everyday, the unusual, and the downright bizarre Alvarez’s paintings create an intoxicating mixture of shaky yet precise paint handling, personal memory, and street corner observation to create work that is simultaneously dysfunctional and celebratory.

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Kerry Miller Dissects Old Book Illustrations To create Incredible 3D Collages

kerry Miller

kerry Millerkerry Miller

After exploring ways in which she can make use of old, discarded books, British artist Kerry Miller experimented with dissecting and rebuilding them to produce unique artworks. Layering to create a 3D effect, She utilises only the illustrations and the shell of the book, while removing the written word.

These carved 3D books provide tantalising glimpses into a rich past, becoming miniature worlds that allow you to simply tumble into them. As technology threatens to replace the printed word, there has never been a better time to reimagine the book. (via)

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Michael Hansmeyer Grotto Columns

Michael HansmeyerMichael HansmeyerMichael Hansmeyer

Michael Hansmeyer’s Grotto Project involves the conception and design of a new column order based on subdivision processes. It explores how subdivision can define and embellish this column order with an elaborate system of ornament.

An abstracted doric column is used as an input form to the subdivision processes. Unlike the minimal input of the Platonic Solids project, the abstracted column conveys a significant topographical and topological information about the form to be generated. The input form contains data about the proportions of the the column’s shaft, capital, and supplemental base. It also contains information about its fluting and entasis.

When entering the exhibition room, the viewer at first perceives sixteen columns. This effect, created by the use of two floor-to-ceiling mirrors on adjoining walls, is intentionally accentuated by the columns’ design. Thus the columns are symmetrical along only a single axis, and they have different appearance when seen from the front or the back. In effect, two column permutations are united in a single column – with eight virtual models for the four physical objects.

While the procedural approach to design enables this multiplicity of output, it also expands the solution space on the level of the single object. It thus allows the creation of objects that are otherwise undrawable – and perhaps even unimaginable – in terms of their detail and complexity. (via)

Collapsable Shelters Provide Protection From The Elements On The Go



Brooklyn, NY based artist and architectural designer Chat Travieso creates playful and interactive urban interventions that encourage people to question their assumptions of the built environment. His work takes the form of design/build installations that promote resourceful and sustainable strategies with a stress on simplicity, reuse, and making-do tactics. This work acknowledges the social and physical context of a site and often considers the existing spaces and objects in our urban landscape as a resource to be appropriated and repurposed.

Our favorite works by him are the amusing collapsable shelters pictured here.

Made With Color Presents: Super Future Kid’s Candy Coated Paintings

Super Future Kid painting

Super Future Kid painting Super Future Kid painting

This week we’re bringing you another talented artist as part of our partnership with premiere website building platform Made With Color. Each Tuesday we bring you some of the most exciting artists and designers working today who are using Made With Color to create clean and sleek websites. Made With Color sites aren’t just easy on the eyes but feature powerful yet simple backend which allows anyone to create a professional site with just a few clicks.This week we are excited to share the colorful and magical work of London based painter Super Future Kid.

Welcome to the fantastical world of Super Future Kid, where scale constantly shifts, pet kittens fly through space, My Little Pony’s are battle ready, and cotton candy and ice cream cover the ground.  SFK’s paintings depict a flourescent hued world where childhood and adolescence merge, forming a state of wonder, surprise and uncertainty; where the past blends with the future.

Using the sensual quality of paint, Super Future Kid melts things together, arranging and replacing realities, thrusting invisible matters into a physical being which folds and unfolds upon itself between the second and third dimension.

The result is a hot pink and sprinkled covered galaxy full of wonder where the viewer is drawn in by feelings of strangeness, suspense and the excitement of exploring a new world -just like drifting into a vivid dream.

Sponsored Video: Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim Packs A Massive Robot Punch

In Warner Bro. Pictures and Legendary Pictures new movie Pacific Rim, Director Guillermo del Toro, takes us to a future where mankind is on the brink of extinction at the hands of a race of monstrous creatures called the Kaiju. Millions of humans have lost their lives to these monsters and humandkind is embroiled in a mounting apocalypse. Legions of monstrous kaiju came from the sea, starting a war that would consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju.The fate of the world rests on two unlikely heroes who will man a super-robot weapon and try to tip the scale back into humankind’s favor.

The Pacific Rim trailer is chock full of enough giant man-made weaponized robots and Godzilla-inspired monsters to thrill any action adventure science-fiction fan.

Doodled Patterns Transform Magazine Photos Into Psychedelic Meditations

Alana Dee HaynesAlana Dee HaynesAlana Dee Haynes

Alana Dee Haynes has taken the doodles that most of us do while we’re talking on the phone to new heights. Creating detailed repetitive patterns on top of photographs for a wide assortment of magazines, Haynes has transformed these striking photographs into psychedelic and psychological images that haunt and intrigue. It would be interesting to see how this work progresses in the future as setting up her own shoots and fully creating a new world for her images surely would be the next logical evolution . We’re excited to see where Alana Dee Haynes goes next!

Made With Color Presents: Frank Ryan’s Paintings Investigate The Everyday With A Psychological Twist

Frank Ryan Painting

Frank Ryan Painting

Frank Ryan Painting

It’s Tuesday and time once again for our exclusive artist feature in partnership with premiere website building platform Made With Color. Each week we join forces to bring you some of the most compelling artists and designers working today who use Made With Color to create their clean and elegant websites. MWC is helping artists everywhere build beautiful looking websites without any coding, helping every artist get the maximum exposure for their work. This week we are happy to share the film noir influenced paintings of Frank Ryan.

Most of us walk past billboards, drive through city tunnels on our way to work, and don’t think twice about our messy bed that we just can’t seem to make in the morning. However  Los Angeles based painter Frank Ryan see’s these mundane scenes as incredible moments to freeze in time through the magic of painting.

Focusing on the everyday, Ryan wields his brush and elevates the mundane to new heights in his psychologically charged and sometimes somber images. Using a direct style of painting Ryan’s process is economical, maximizing the effect of each brush stroke to create dreamlike states for us to get lost in and contemplate.