10 Cool Logo Designs

It doesn’t matter how creative you are as an individual, there are times when ideas just refuse to come to you. In situations like these, what you usually need is some inspiration. So, if you want to create some of the most amazing logo designs, then you can check out the following examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. BadgehuntingClub


This logo is an excellent example of how you can bring two different design styles together to create a unique effect. As you can see, it combines vintage flare with contemporary pop which makes for a distinct appeal. What’s more interesting is that it’s designed by the well-known designer Allan Peters. In fact, you can see more of his designs in the same format here.

  1. Wild Wild Wings

  2. BBC (Baker Bar Coffee)

3Sometimes, combining two different icons and visual elements can create interesting designs. That’s exactly what’s happened here. The artist Yuri Kartashev took two main elements of the brand i.e. food and drinks and combined their visual representations- spatula (food) and bottles (bar). He also cleverly adorned the unique icon with the highlights of the brand in a circle (Baker, Bar, Coffee).

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