Superheroes Wearing Nothing But Dynamic Splashes Of Colored Milk

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz uses unlikely elements to construct his unbelievable and complex photographs of superheroes, or Splash Heroes. However, unlike normal superheroes, his heroes are not wearing ordinary uniforms, but outfits created from splashes of colored milk. Each constructed photograph contains a confident, strong superwoman posed in a capable and superior pose. Even more impressive, the liquid was not just simply digitally edited onto all of the models, but actually thrown onto them during the photo shoot. Wieczorkiewicz created this liquid clothing with splashes of milk with food coloring. Splashes are thrown in different places of the body in order to fabricate multifaceted outfits to mimic how real clothing may fit. This process demands an extreme amount of time and patience in order to create such a flawless result. In fact, each photograph is created from layering and editing together about 200 images. These many photos are layered over each other to form the finished photograph.

This is not the first series of milk-covered women that photographer Wieczorkiewicz has done. He has also created a similar series containing pin-up girls dressed in splashes of white milk. In this most recent series, Splash Heroes, Wieczorkiewicz’s work is pushed to a more dynamic level full of energy, movement, and dramatic color. The deep, glossy colors of liquid add a powerful vibe that gives the women a demanding presence. Each woman superhero is in mid-motion as their milk-suits swirl and travel around their bodies, creating a force field of milk. Wieczorkiewicz has all of his Splash Heroes available in a calendar, one for each month. (via Faith is Torment)

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz - Digital C-Print




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  • Electra

    of course the only superhero things where women have a lot of representation is when they’re being sexualized.

  • Rasta Man Kennedy

    well thanks for ruining something cool with such a bitchy subjective comment.

  • Joshua Ring

    look what you have to realize is that comics started out being drawn by artist with classical training in drawing practices using models to perfect the art of capturing on paper the human form. So it wasnt the direct intention to sexualize comic book heroes, it was simply these artist using their skills to create intriguing images of people in costumes using the skills that they possessed artistically, which was surely perfected by thousands of hours of life drawing the human body. Now certainly we all agree that sex and danger are directly tied in some ways. So it was only a natural progression for characters to become more sexualized. I guess what Im saying is…..while feminism has its place in this world, i think being upset about the sexual portayals of women in comics is sort of misplaced in the comic industry. The entire industry was built on the ability of ppl to draw the human body perfectly..both male and female…

  • Crescent

    Coming from an artist, sorry, but that is the worst possible excplanation you could’ve come up with.

    When an artist has mastered the human body they will be able to draw it in any way, shape or form. And they do. Look up figure drawings of any master artist, past or present, and you will not find “superhero” figures. You will find old people. Young people. People who are overweight, people who are skinny. You will find people of all walks of life, of all races. The beautiful and the beautifully ugly. To suggest that superheroes are idealized and superheroines are sexualized because the artists were simply trained to draw them that way only goes to show that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    No, the artists did not decide to portray the heroes as they are. They were DIRECTED to portray them as such – and yes, superheroes are designed to be “perfect” human beings. But they are also designed to appeal to a male audience. Superheroes are designed so that the male audience will want to be them. Superheroines are designed so that the male audience will want to do them. THAT is the difference between the male and female designs and it is an important distinction.

    And there is nothing inherently wrong with that – were it not for the fact that these comics should never have been made exclusively for a male audience, seeing as women have always been interested in them and certainly not anymore now that they (the female audience) have become so very visible.

    There is nothing wrong with sex, or sexiness. Feminism, at least the vast majority of the movement, have absolutely nothing against it. It is a big part of who we are as humans and it’s completely natural. The complaints then, have nothing to do with the fact that the characters are sexual. It has everything to do with a large part of the audience feeling ignored. It’s not even like they’re /demanding/ that the characters be changed, or forcing the creators of the comics to twist and bend their creativity to suit them – but simply that they be considered as part of the audience some way or another. That is not an unreasonable request, in my opinion.

  • Caerphilly

    and of course the second someone points out that a woman need to be sexualized in her portrayal, it’s “bitchy”

  • Matthew Bryant

    What’s wrong with sex? It’s a natural bodily function. Enjoying the human body doesn’t mean we want to screw everything with legs. It also doesn’t mean we only think of females as sex objects. Can we get out of the puritanical mentality yet? It gets annoying after a while. Skin is just skin, and nudity or showing some skin doesn’t have to be about sex. You just made it about sex though. Thanks for ruining it for me.

  • Guest

    What’s sexual about nudity or showing skin? Only in America does boobs = sex. Repressed as hell.

  • Guest

    Fantasy heroes and super heroes have always been “sexualized” (a ridiculous term that suggests wearing less clothes makes you more sexual somehow). That’s true for males and females. Until a link can be made between nudity and womanization, why do we even care? Skin is skin. It’s just puritanical nonsense that extreme feminists mistake for a fight against repression. Until they can prove it’s negative in any way from a social standpoint, they’re just preaching the age old “sex is bad” nonsense. It’s getting old. We aren’t in the 1950s anymore.

  • Matthew Bryant

    “Superheroines are designed so that the male audience will want to do them.”

    Begging the question nonsense. I don’t want to do every scantily clad female I see. I can enjoy the female body without wanting to stick my junk in it. I don’t even want to do porn stars. Nudity is nudity. You can enjoy it without wanting to “pork” it. I’m all for women’s equality, but this isn’t about equality. It’s about morality. I don’t need your morals. Sorry.

  • Someone

    There is NOTHING wrong with sex. There is nothing inherently wrong with sexualization.

    The question is, why is it almost always only about YOUR sex? Where are the milk-splashed superhero dongs? The complaint is hardly ever about the sexualization in and of itself, it’s about the imbalance. About the fact that half of the population is largely ignored as an audience.

    And like it or not, this IS about sex. If they were guys you would probably realize that.

  • Someone

    Imagine these were all guys. “Superheroes wearing nothing but milk” – with the liquid clearly defining the shapes of their privates.

    Would you still think there was nothing sexual about it? Be honest with yourself.

  • SomeoneAgain

    Male superheroes are idealised, female superheroes are sexualized. There’s an important difference there.

    And no, sex is not bad. Sex is awesome. Sexualization in and of itself isn’t even bad (and you’re wrong to think that exposed skin equals sexualization). It is the incredible imbalance with which it’s practiced that is bad, which is the main complaint of the vast majority of modern feminists.

    And if you’re wondering what “imbalance” I’m talking about – go ahead and find me some images of milk-splashed male superheroes with their junk neatly defined by the liquid. Or Google “pinup” and tell me how many men you see depicted. Or Google “sexy game character” and tell me how many men you see. Or perhaps “hot character” in general. You see – the problem is not sex itself. The problem is that, by and large, sex seems to be limited to male audiences. As I’m sure you can understand, since us women quite like sex actually, we’re fed up with being ignored. In addition, we’re fed up with being bombarded with sexualization that caters solely to men. It’s everywhere, and we’re fed up. Simple as that.

  • Caerphilly

    First of all, did you read the two comments I was responding to? Second, why are you assuming I’m an American? I say nothing about breasts. (assuming you’re American for using the word boobs…???) I was responding to the two comments before mine, read them. Third, the problem I had was the use of the word “bitchy,” not of the actual portrayal of these these women. Fourth, yes, breasts are sexual. They are a sexual organ, but still that is not the problem at all with these photos. The problem is that there are no nude men in any of these photos.

  • Guest

    No. That isn’t a problem. The artist in question shot the art piece he wanted to shoot. Something not being what you want it to be isn’t a problem. If it’s so important to you to see men in the same position, by all means, get a camera and go to town. I assure you, I won’t be on your gallery complaining.

  • Guest

    Can we please have one freaking page left on the internet where people aren’t screaming their lungs out about sexualization? I’m a man. I like to look at women. I refuse to feel ashamed for that. If you’re a women, and you like to look at men, seek some out to look at. I assure you, they aren’t nearly as hard to find as some people seem to think.

  • kj

    As a hetero male, I agree with Electra. Most superheroes are male, yet these are all female. Why no male versions?

    Of course, this has nothing to do with “super heroes”. A quick look at the photographer’s portfolio will prove that. It’s a clever and well executed technique, but this has more to do with sex than superheroes.

  • StillSomeone

    Nobody wants you to feel ashamed for looking at women. I’m really not sure where you’re getting that from.

    The fact that women have to “seek out” men to look at while we are bombarded with women for men to look at is precisely the problem.

  • Quentin Daniel

    “the liquid was not just simply digitally edited onto all of the models” —> “each photograph is created from layering and editing together about 200 images” Kind of a contradiction there if you ask me.

  • Elastolad

    This series of images is for a themed calendar, correct? And the theme of said calendar is female superheroes whose costumes are represented by coloured liquid rather than the usual Lycra/spandex/Kevlar/alien symbiote or whatever. So the fact that there aren’t any male superheroes in the series should not be a surprise or a concern. I have never once wondered why the local “Hall of Flame” calendar featuring hunky firemen fails to serve up even one half naked firewoman working a hose inappropriately. That sort of content would not be in keeping with the theme of hunky fireMEN. If there is a demand for male superheroes wearing coloured liquids (and I am 100% certain this world contains many women and gay men who have rubbed one out while fantasizing about Superman or Batman) then eventually someone (maybe even this artist) will put together that collection of images. And when they do I will be neither upset or puzzled by its lack of female superheroes

    And ultimately these pictures are at their most fundamental level just fucking cool looking and technically impressive. So just enjoy them for what they are and not for what you want them to be. Those pictures are for you to create yourself.

  • Demoralized

    Why are they all women? Because the artist is a man. Pretty simple.