Miniature Dioramas By Didier Massard Unfold Surreal Landscapes

Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-1 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-2 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-3 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-4

French artist Didier Massard creates eye-deceiving miniature dioramas depicting surreal, mystical landscapes. From a first glance, these sets remind of extremely detailed, hyper-realistic paintings or digitally rendered images. The striking effect unfolds after closer examination, when the viewer is exposed to careful layering and thoughtful light arrangements.

Massard explains his inspiration comes from real and imagined places. The limits of real life infuses his imagination to create mythological and romantic scenarios, which he then calls “the completion of an inner imaginary journey”. China, India, the cliffs of Normandy and many other locations have been depicted in Didier’s works.

“There were many places in the world where I’d never gone that I wished to photograph. I realized that they would not at all look like the images I had of them. Reality was different from my imagination. So I started building and photographing in a studio what I had in mind.”

Artist spends months constructing his miniature worlds, thus the collection is only slowly growing in size. Massard started his career as a commercial photographer for fashion and cosmetic companies like Chanel, Hermes and others. After his first series of dioramas, titled “Imaginary Journeys”, his work was acknowledged and now Didier works exclusively on his personal projects. His work is currently on display at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles until August 23.

Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-5 Massard_Monkey Diorama.jpg Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-7 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-8 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-9 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-10 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-11 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-12 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-13 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-14 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-15 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-16 Didier-Massard-Installation-Sculpture-17


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