Gisene Marwedel Transforms The Nude Human Body Into Surreal Works Of Art

nude human body

nude human body Gisene Marwedel

Gisene Marwedel

Using the natural shapes and contours of the body, German artist Gisene Marwedel transforms the human body into a living, breathing work of art. Marwedel paints finely detailed images, ranging from animals to landscapes to abstraction. She first learned the art of body painting while in India, where she began painting with henna. This skill evolved into a full-time hobby (she has a day job as a speech therapist). Her work depicts scenes of movement and grace with a hauntingly surreal aesthetic. (via mirror)

marwedelbodypaint11 marwedelbodypaint10 marwedelbodypaint9 marwedelbodypaint8 marwedelbodypaint7 marwedelbodypaint2 marwedelbodypaint5

marwedelbodypaint12 marwedelbodypaint4 body-art-gesine-marwedel-6  body-art-gesine-marwedel-3

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